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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Coat-Rite pride themselves on our Epoxy Floor Coatings these can be used on garages, warehouses and high traffic areas. With a large range of colours all of the epoxy floors can be easily cleaned are extremely stain resistant and a slip reducing additive can be applied to reduce slip. Coat-Rite have been extensively trained in mixing and application of resurfacing products, trowel applications, resurfacing with stencil or tape, staining of stone, resurfacing, fauxstone, customised colours in resurfacing, spray and rolling applications, flake flooring, sealing, self-level epoxys

.Epoxy Flake Floor Black Granite Epoxy Flake Flooring Classic Epoxy Flooring Fleck Finish Fauxstone for Driveways etc Garage Flake Floor Garage Flake Floor Black GraniteSelf Leveling Epoxy Coatings Stencilled Covercrete